Get your relationship back on track

Find your way back to love and connection

✔ Life-changing insights
✔ Excellent support
✔ Anonymous and 100% online
✔ Also available in Dutch

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Get your relationship back on track

In your own time, from your own home

✔ Life-changing insights
✔ Excellent support
✔ Anonymous and 100% online
✔ Also available in Dutch

Free trial available

Back to lasting love in 12 weeks

Do you find yourself and your partner increasingly arguing or falling into a negative spiral? Does it sometimes feel like you’re speaking different languages? Are irritations dominating the foreground, so you don’t see the positive or fun things in each other anymore? Do you feel increasingly isolated from your partner and lonely in your relationship?

Reconnect with your partner

When you’re in a relationship, you occasionally experience problems. And unsurprisingly, you then long for how things used to be. When you naturally gave one another your full attention, were always paying each other little compliments and enjoying the fun things in life together. Do you want to feel close and connected in your relationship again?

You can achieve so much more

This 12-Week Program focuses on sustainably improving your relationship using the popular EFT method. We'll guide you, step by step, back to lasting love and connection. With our help, you can restore your relationship, in your own time, from your own home.

Personal support

You can start right away with this online program. In addition to the videos and assignments that take about 1 hour per week, ask questions of relationship therapist, Anoek, via email and get a personal response within 1 day.

What you will you achieve?

  • Escape your crisis!
  • Learn to successfully handle and resolve conflicts
  • Making room for your personal and shared needs
  • Better communication with your partner
  • Get giving and taking in better balance 
  • Connection and intimacy
  • More love and appreciation for yourself and your partner
Back to lasting love together
“I am still amazed at how 'spot on' this program is!”


"Only 30 years old, married for 2 years, together for 9 years, and we didn't feel like going to a therapist. Thank you for your help, at a very difficult time in our relationship!"


"I just want to tell you that it has really helped our relationship so far. It's not easy to turn the dial in the relationship after so many years."


"Accessible, everything was easy to find, the materials were attractive. The videos were also good with relevant examples that provide insights into, for example, what my partner and I need to be doing for each other."


Available on smartphone, tablet and laptop

Discover (for free) the real cause of stress, pain and fighting in relationships!

Try one week of our program and discover why many of our participants are so positive about our approach.

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Available on smartphone, tablet and laptop
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The program

Effective, online and affordable

A program with fantastic results!

This online program was developed by popular Dutch EFT relationship therapist Anoek Gerlings, and based on the scientifically proven Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) method.

Together with Rik Heijmen, who has personal experience of a relationship breakdown, Anoek takes you through 7 steps in this 12-week online program. They dive deep and inspire with lightness. Hundreds of couples have now followed the program with fantastic results!

Relatieproblemen oplossen zonder relatietherapeut
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How do we help couples get back to love and connection?

Find your way back to love and connection?
Video lessen

Video lessons and assignment that change your view of relationships forever

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Practical assignments to apply your new insights. 20 to 50 minutes per week

Ondersteuning van een relatietherapeut

Privacy guaranteed. Invest in your relationship anonymously.

The 7 steps to lasting love and connection

Step 1: 'Understanding relationship patterns.'

Declare war on the invisible causes of stress, pain and fighting in your relationship. This step shows that your love connection has been swamped by negative patterns and misunderstandings. (Week 1 & 2)

Step 2: 'Understanding your needs'

Get a better understanding of what’s going on inside you, which in turn will help your partner to better understand and support you. Increase your awareness of your own needs. Discover the particular way that you give and receive love. (Week 3 & 4)

Step 3: 'Pain in relationships'

In every relationship, partners unintentionally hurt each other. Until we learn how to properly make contact with them, we will be continually 'triggering' a pain point in the other person. We'll show you how to stop doing this to each other. (Week 5)

Step 4: 'Acceptance'

Learn to feel that you can influence any situation in which you find yourself, by accepting what you cannot change. (Week 6)

Step 5: 'Addressing negative patterns'

Address the negative patterns that undermine your relationship and learn to stay connected by communicating better. Dare to be vulnerable and strengthen your love and connection! (Week 7 & 8)

Step 6: 'Reconnecting'

Find a new balance in 'giving' and 'taking.' Lay a firm foundation for the further growth of your relationship. (Week 9, 10 & 11)

Step 7: 'Investing in and enjoying.'

This step will help you rediscover each other and teach you how to easily have fun together and enjoy each other's attention and intimacy. (Week 12)


- Inspirational tips for books, podcasts and videos
- In-depth downloads
- Online tests and assessment
- Access to relationship therapist at any time by email

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Anonymous and safe

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