'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'

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Monsley offers accessible and effective online self-help for people who want to improve their mental well-being. Monsley programs inspire with a light touch and dive deeper, so people can use the bitter moments in their lives to achieve personal growth.

Lemons ('lemons' 🍋) symbolize the bitter moments in life. Moments that you can transform with a little help from Monsley. Which is why our name, Monsley, is a transformation of the word 'Le-mons'.


Monsley was founded in 2019 in the Netherlands by Rik Heijmen, and relationship therapist and psychologist, Anoek Gerlings.

Rik is an entrepreneur who sees it as his personal mission to make it easier for others to solve relationship problems for themselves. He lives with his three children in Amsterdam.

Anoek is a psychologist with years of experience in coaching and training. She wants to help more people than she can just through her thriving practice in Haarlem. Anoek also lives in Haarlem, with her husband and three children.

Photo: Davien Hulsman @daafdefotograaf

Monsley products

Online relatiehulp

Online couples counseling program

A new way to invest in your relationship

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Exiting your burnout with a mission

Under development, expected launch 2021.

Uit je burn-out met een missie

How to go on without you

Under development, expected launch 2021.


Sweet dreams are made of... what?

Under development, expected launch 2021.


For support and any questions about the program, send an email to [email protected]

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For press queries, interviews or partnering possibilities contact Rik Heijmen +3185-130 7607 ([email protected]

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