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Want to invest in your relationship, but don't know how?
We'll help you find the path to lasting love and connection in your relationship.

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Did you know that couples counseling typically costs between €720 and €1260? Monsley is more accessible, highly effective and about a third of that price. We don’t have waiting lists, you can work on the program when- and wherever you want, via your own laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. And a relationship coach is available to answer all your questions!

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The smart option for couples who finish within 12 weeks (that's a 3-month subscription):

  • 14-day no charge*
  • Cancelable monthly
  • Start instantly
  • Secure & private
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Lifetime access to the program. Perfect if you want to take your time:

  • 30-day full refund**
  • Lifetime access
  • Start instantly
  • Secure & private
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Lifetime access to the program, in 4 easy monthly installments:

  • 14-day full refund**
  • 4x monthly payment of €99,-
  • Lifetime access
  • Start instantly
  • Secure & private
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All major credit cards accepted.

*14-day no charge We won't start charging your card for 14 days. It's easy to cancel your subscription during the 14-day trial period. **30-day full refund If you cancel your lifetime access within 30 days of purchase, you’ll receive a full refund.


Eva (42)

"Monsley is a great way to achieve a deeper conversation together. You work consciously with each other every week, and so break through patterns and improve your relationship."

Jurgen (36)

"I had a very positive experience with the program. It made us both more fun, more relaxed together, so we could give more space and attention to the other person."

Annike (53)

"Accessible, everything was easy to find, the materials were attractive. The videos were also good with relevant examples that provide insights into, for example, what my partner and I need to be doing for each other."

Online relationship therapy.
How does that work?

Couples Counseling, fully online.

Insights, assignments and tests that help you make progress

Decide on your own pace. It will take you about 20 to 50 minutes per week, so it can be combined with a busy schedule.

The 7 steps to lasting love and connection

Proven method

This online program is based on the EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) approach. EFT has been scientifically proven to be highly effective, and become the go-to method for relationship therapists worldwide.

Online Couples Counseling

Alone or together.
Your choice.

The program is designed in such a way that you experience improvement whether you go through it alone or together with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

More information & free trial

7 steps that will change your relationship forever

In a light yet thoughtful way, we'll guide you through the 7 small, manageable steps towards lasting love and connection. In just 12 weeks, you'll learn more about love and relationships than ever before.

In the first 6 weeks, the program focuses on you. You will start to understand the underlying relationship patterns that are the invisible causes of stress, pain, and arguments in your relationship. You will start to increase your awareness of your emotional needs, and the way you give and receive love. Also, we will help you to peacefully connect with your partner and control your emotions in any situation.

In the last 6 weeks, we will put into practice what we have learned. You will learn to defeat the negative patterns that undermine your relationship and learn to stay connected by communicating better. You will find a new 'give and take' balance in your relationship. And last but not least, we'll help you to rediscover each other. We will teach you how to have fun and enjoy each other's attention and affection.

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Relatietherapeut Anoek Gerlings en ervaringsdeskundige Rik Heijmen

Online relationship help
designed by professionals

Dutch relationship therapist, Anoek Gerlings, and Rik Heijmen, who has personally experienced a relationship breakdown, guide you through the 7 steps in this 12-week online self-help program. Based on the popular EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) method, this Online Couples Counseling Program will help you transform your relationship in a matter of weeks.

E-learning relationship

27 videos in 12 weeks that will inspire you and deepen your understanding.

Practical assignments

Practical assignments to apply your new insights. 20 to 50 minutes per week.

Online support

Ask questions of relationship therapist, Anoek, via email and get a personal response.

Privacy guaranteed

Privacy guaranteed. Invest in your relationship anonymously.

Discover Monsley yourself

GRATIS proefles online relatiehulp

FREE trial lesson

Try 1 week of the full 12-week program. No payments needed. You’ll learn:

  • What role patterns play in our relationships
  • What goes on above and below the surface with your partner
  • How an online program 'feels'

Free trial lesson
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FREE webinar

This talk on 'The cause of stress, pain and fighting in relationships' should be common knowledge for every couple!

Opportunity to chat with Anoek and Rik!

  • Lasts 25 minutes
  • Every evening at 8:30pm

> Available soon

Test je relatie in 2 minuten

Relationship test

The extent to which we feel connected to our loved ones, friends and those around us largely determines our happiness and the quality of our relationships. 

How connected do you feel to your partner? Test the 5 levels of connection in just 2 minutes.

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